2019.09.12 news
【News】Keio’s Original Goshuin Book (Red Seal Stamp Book) - Sold out!

【News】Keio’s Original Goshuin Book (Red Seal Stamp Book) - Sold out!

The Goshuin book is all sold out. Thank you for your purchase.

Keio Corporation has been offering an original Keio Goshuincho Stamp Book designed after Keio trains for purchase at the “Central Honshu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku” tourist information center in the Keio mall at Shinjuku Station.

This Goshuincho stamp book is to encourage people to visit the historical shrines and temples interspersed along the Keio Line to have the book stamped there as proof of their visit, and enable them to deepen their understanding about Japanese history and traditional culture in the process. Enclosed in the Goshuincho stamp book is an English language guide leaflet prepared with the cooperation of the following shrines and temples located along the Keio Line: Takao-San Yakuo-In Temple (Hachioji-shi, Tokyo), Takahata Fudoson Temple (Hino-shi, Tokyo), Ōkunitama Jinja Shrine (Fuchu-shi, Tokyo), Jindaiji Temple (Chofu-shi, Tokyo) and Ōmiya Hachimangu Shrine (Suginami-ku, Tokyo). In addition to explanations on how to visit each temple and shrine, the stamps provided there and information on each location, the leaflet also features information on special railway passenger tickets available for purchase since February 2019 by foreign passengers visiting Japan for a discounted price.

1. Available for Purchase At
 Central Honshu Information Plaza in Keio Shinjuku
  Open 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM (all year round except the date of facility inspection)365 days a year

2. Size and Number of Pages
 ・Approx. 18 cm long and 12 cm wide
 ・Approx. 20 pages

3. Shrines and Temples Featured Inside Guide Leaflet
Keio Line:
 Jindaiji Temple (Located in immediate vicinity of last stop on bus bound for “Jindaiji” taken from Chofu Sta. or Tsutsujigaoka Sta.), Ōkunitama Jinja Shrine (5 min. on foot from Fuchu Sta.), Takahata Fudoson Temple (5 min. on foot from Takahatafudo Sta.), Takao-San Yakuo-In Temple (Transfer from Takaosanguchi Sta. to the cable car. 20 min. on foot from cable car Takaosan Sta. 5 min. on foot from Takaosanguchi Sta. to cable car; 20 min. on foot from Takaosan Sta. on cable car following transfer from Keio Line)
Inokashira Line:
 Ōmiya Hachimangu Shrine (7 min. on foot from Nishi-eifuku Sta.)
 *The Goshuincho stamp book can also be stamped at shrines and temples other than the above.

4. Selling Price
  1,800 yen (tax excluded)

5. Quantities Available
  1,000 *Available while supplies last.