2021.04.12 news
【New Ticket Info】Mt. Takao + Keio 1-day Ticket -Ukai Chikutei-

【New Ticket Info】Mt. Takao + Keio 1-day Ticket -Ukai Chikutei-

Now, we started to sell new valuable ticket “Mt. Takao + Keio 1-day Ticket -Ukai Chikutei-“


“Ukai chikutei” is a Japanese restaurant where foot of Mt. Takao(in Tokyo), and you can enjoy the original dinner course that consisted of Japanese beef cuisine, Japanese garden, Japanese OMOTENASHI!


The ticket makes you enjoyed dinner of Ukai Chikutei and hiking in Mt. Takao economically !




①1-day ticket of Keio Line (”Keio Line” runs between Shinjuku and foot of Mt.Takao)

②Round trip ticket of cable car that runs between middle and foot of Mt. Takao

③Dinner ticket of Ukai Chikutei

【How to purchace】

You can purchace this ticket on line.