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Temporary Baggage Storage Contract

This Contract stipulates the rules concerning the “temporary baggage storage service”
(hereinafter referred to as “temporary storage service”)
offered by Keio Corporation(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).
Please acknowledge that if you do not agree with this Contract,
you will not be able to use the temporary storage service.

1. Items that cannot be deposited
  1. Valuables (including but not limited to cash, passports, cash cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, marketable securities, jewelry, precious metals, calligraphy, antiques, fine art, cameras, documents containing personal or confidential information, and anything else that the customer him/herself judges to be valuable)
  2. Refrigerated or frozen food
  3. Animals, plants and fish/shellfish
  4. Corpse or remains
  5. Dangerous items such as volatile or toxic items, explosives or the like
  6. Items that emit odor, are soiled, or prone to be rotten, altered or damaged
  7. Illegal items such as stolen items or the like, firearms, swords and items used in crime or that have the risk of being used in crime, or items in which possessing and carrying are illegal under laws and regulations
  8. Goods exceeding a total of 250cm in height, width and length (items exceeding 200cm in length alone)
  9. Goods in which the weight of 1 item exceeds 30kg
  10. Other items in which the Company’s staff has judged to be unsuitable to storage
2. Usage charges

1 baggage: 1,000 yen per day

3. Inspection of the deposited baggage

When deemed necessary by the Company upon deposit, we will check the deposited baggage (including the contents) after obtaining the consent of the customer.
If the customer refuses the Company to check the baggage, the Company may refuse to temporarily store the baggage.
Please also note that, if the Company deems that there is suspicion of items stipulated in “1. Items that cannot be deposited” are contained in the deposited baggage or if there are any other grounds for the Company to deem it reasonable, the Company may open and inspect the deposited baggage without obtaining the consent of the customer.

4. Service hours

Service hours shall be between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm on the same day.
The customer will not be able to deposit or pick up baggage outside of the service hours.
There will be extra charge for each additional day when exceeding the service hours.

5. Procedures when no one picks up the deposited baggage

It will be deemed that the customer has waived his/her rights of ownership to the deposited baggage after thirty (30) days have elapsed including the day that the baggage was deposited, and the Company will dispose of the baggage and the price shall be allotted to the storage charge and other expenses.

6. The Company’s liability

With regards to loss, impairment, etc. of deposited baggage attributable to the Company’s negligence during storage by the Company, the Company will compensate damages up to a maximum amount of 30,000 yen per baggage.
However, this maximum amount will not be applied and may increase if the relationship between the customer and the Company is applicable to a consumer contract stipulated in the Consumer Contract Law, and there was an intentional or gross negligence by the Company.
Further, damages to the degree that does not affect the original function of the deposited baggage such as stains or scratches that naturally occur when depositing the baggage shall be excluded from the applicability of compensation.

7. Disclaimer

When applicable to any of the following items, the Company shall not bear liability even in the case of damages such as the loss or impairment of the deposited baggage.

  1. When the customer has deposited items included in “1. Items that cannot be deposited”
  2. When it is due to force majeure such as natural disasters.
  3. When being demanded the seizure or submission of the deposited baggage as evidence by relevant government agencies pursuant to the exercise of judicial power, etc.
  4. When due to the actions of a third party
  5. When there are other reasons not attributable to the Company’s responsibility
8. User’s liability

In the event that the Company or a third party incurs damages due to the intentional acts or acts of negligence by the customer or due to the noncompliance with this Contract, the customer shall be liable for compensating the damages thereof.

9. Regarding the handling of personal information

Personal information obtained from the customer when temporarily storing the baggage(s) will not be used for purposes other than temporary storage operations.

10.Change of the Contract

The details of this Contract may be changed at the discretion of the Company on an irregular basis.

Keio Corporation