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Temporary baggage storage service

We will temporarily store your baggage, including suitcases and souvenirs, for the day.
You can deposit baggage that are too big to fit into coin lockers for 1,000 yen per baggage.
Please enjoy your Tokyo sightseeing light and empty-handed.

Service outline
Charges (incl. tax) 1,000 yen per baggage
Size/Weight The total of height width and length about 250 cm,weight up to 30 kg.
*Please consult our staff if the size of your baggage is over the limit.
*Umbrellas can be part of a baggage and the additional fees can be waived.
Reception hours In business hours
*Please pick up your baggage until 30 minutes before closing.
Compensation If the baggage is lost or impaired due to our negligence while being stored in our facility,
we will compensate damages up to a maximum of 30,000 yen.
Q: Is there anything that cannot be deposited?
A: Items that falling under the following cannot be deposited.
  1. Valuables (including but not limited to cash, passports, cash cards, prepaid cards, credit cards, marketable securities, jewelry, precious metals, calligraphy, antiques, fine art, cameras, documents containing personal or confidential information, and anything else that the customer him/herself judges to be valuable)
  2. Refrigerated or frozen food
  3. Animals, plants or fish/shellfish
  4. Corpse or remains
  5. Dangerous items such as volatile or toxic items, explosives or the like
  6. Items that emit odor, are soiled, or prone to be rotten, altered or damaged
  7. Illegal items such as stolen items or the like, firearms, swords and items used in crime or that have the risk of being used in crime, or items in which possessing and carrying are illegal under laws and regulations
  8. Goods exceeding a total of 250cm in height, width and length (items exceeding 200cm in length alone)
  9. Goods in which the weight of 1 item exceeds 30kg
  10. Other items in which our staff has judged to be unsuitable for storage
Q: Can I leave golf bags, skis, snowboards, surfboards, musical instruments, bicycles?
A: Yes, you can. However, this service is restricted to baggage of the total height, width and length about 250 cm, weight up to 30 kg.
(Please consult our staff if the size of your baggage is over the limit.)
You must put the skis, snowboards, surfboards, bicycles, etc. inside a dedicated bag.
Q: How many days can you store the baggage?
A: Storage is generally a one-day service. Please consult our staff if you need more than one day.
(The storage fee will be charged on a daily basis).
If your baggage is not collected, it will be handled according to the Temporary Baggage Storage Contract.
Click here for the Temporary Baggage Storage Contract
Q: Is it possible to retrieve a baggage that has once been deposited?
A: Yes, you may retrieve it as many times as you want until 6:00 pm on the same day.
Q: Is it possible to add items to the baggage?
A: If it fits into the baggage that you have previously deposited, it can be added for free.
Q: I lost my temporary baggage deposit ticket. What should I do?
A: Please present your personal ID, and we will confirm your name.