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【Rugby Games Related Information】

【Rugby Games Related Information】

A global rugby event will be held in Japan this year.
One of the venues, “Tokyo Stadium”, is about 15 minutes by Keio line train from Shinjuku where our tourist information center is located.

The nearest station of the stadium is Tobitakyu Station (KO20)。
The FANZONE will be held in front of “Chofu Station” (KO18). From here, you can also access to Tokyo Stadium by rail or shuttle bus. There are many restaurants in front of Chofu Station, including the shopping center Trie Keio Chofu where you can drink beer.→ more Fanzone information

Please check the following website for access information to the stadium, including the Keio Line timetable.
→Keio group Rugby Information Website

From the day before the game to the day after the game, please visit this information center for information on accessing the Tokyo Stadium and selling various tickets.→ Our information center is located here

How about sightseeing in Japan after the game? Here are some recommended sightseeing spots.
We would like to make your stay in Japan even more enjoyable.

A sightseeing spot that can be reached directly from Shinjuku by bus

 Yamanashi・Mt Fuji  Mt.Fuji・Foot of Mt.Fuji Area Information  Fujigoko line
(Approx. 1h 45min from Shinjuku)
Kofu Area Information  Kofu Line
(Approx. 2h 10min from Shinjuku)
Matsumoto・Kamikochi Matsumoto Area Information  Matsumoto Line
(Approx. 3h 20min from Shinjuku)
Kamikochi Area Information Kamikochi Line
(Approx. 4h 44min from Shinjuku)
Kiso・Komagane・Suwa Kisoji Area Information  Kiso Fukushima Line
(Approx. 4h-4h 25min from Shinjuku)
Komagane Area Information  Ina Iida Line
(Approx. 3h 50min from Shinjuku)
Suwa Area Information  Suwa Okaya Line
(Approx. 3h 35min from Shinjuku)
Hida Takayama・Shirakawa-go Hida Takayama Area Information  Hida Takayama Line
(Approx. 5h 30min from Shinjuku)
 Toyama Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Area Information  Hakuba Line (Approx. 5-6h 15min from Shinjuku)  Reservation

Ticket information

Three-Star Route Shinjuku Ticket One-way highway bus ticket from Shinjuku to Kanazawa or Toyama via Matsumoto and Hida-Takayama For details
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Shinjuku Ticket Ticket from Shinjuku to the mountain sightseeing route that runs through the Northern Alps For details
Kamikochi Yu Yu Tickets Round-trip ticket from Shinjuku to Japan’s proud mountain resort For details
Check out the highway bus reservation site, which has plenty of information.

■Recommended accommodation information in Japan

Many fans who travel all over Japan with their national team. Here are some recommended accommodations in each area.
City to stay Recommended hotels (link)
Kanazawa Hatchi
Kyoto Keio Prelia Hotel Kyoto
Sapporo Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
Keio Prelia Hotel Sapporo